Import of non-recognized file type (.command script files)

I’m trying to import scripts for GMT (Generic Mapping Tools, an open-source scientific plotting package) into DT. The scripts have the suffix “.command”, which is not recognized by DT. The script files are plain text files of course, but they do have execute permission set for Mac OS X. They would not import at all until I set the preferences for import to allow links to unrecognized file types and save them in the database. In this case however, you still cannot see the script itself, only an icon, and when you double-click the icon in DT it just runs the script instead of opening it for viewing. I know I can copy the script’s text and paste into new items in DT, but is there some method to convince DT to treat “.command” files as simple text files?

Currently, no. DT uses a predefined list of known file name extensions and .command is not yet among them. We may add this in a future release, though. In the meantime, copying their contents to a new plain text doc in DT is the best solution.