Import of pdf failed


I am using DTP 1.3.1. I use it to import pdfs. I find that after starting up DTP, the first pdf I import fails (literally, the log simply says “failed.” If I attempt the import again, it then succeeds. Any pdfs that I import afterward have no problems. If I quite DTP and then open it again, again, the first file I import will fail.

Interestingly, if I try to import several pdfs (directly after starting up DTP), only one of them will fail to import, the rest are fine.

I searched for this problem on this forum, but didn’t see any mention of it. Am I the only person encountering this problem?

Sometimes the PDFKit just fails to process a PDF document, even after 2 tries or 3 or 4 and then suddenly it works. So, DT gives up after 2 tries and you may need 3. Unfortunately this is just the way things are in Tiger land (we can’t try forever).

If you want, you can use an alternative way to process PDFs by going to the “PDF & PS” preference and choose “Use built-in pdftotext” and see if that improves your situation.

Garcias, a question: Have you by any chance installed ShapeShifter on your computer? ShapeShifter really causes OS errors, and the symptoms often involve PDFs.

When a user complains of problems with capture of PDFs ShapeShifter has turned out to be the most common cause of problems.

No, not using ShapeShifter.