Import of PDF fails ("no text") ?!

DEVONThinkPro 1.54 on Tiger 10.4.11 on iMac G4.

I exported a folder with data, including a pdf from one database. When importing the folder into another database I get the error: “No Text” for a particular PDF file that seemed to not have imported, although it exported just fine. Also, the file had very well an file suffix (.pdf). It appeared with Preview as default application.

I know there’s another thread about this on this forum, but I couldn’t find it. So now, since I located a pdf that would not import, I thought I report it.

It’s an ebook from “”. About 29 MB in size.

And here’s the funny part: it DID import actually :open_mouth:
I repeated it 2 more times, each time the error message and each time it imported (even with drag and drop).

It was the warning that was wrong. Huh ?!

If somebody is interested to repeat the bug - I made the file available on Mediafire. It’s by the way an ebook in German. The title is “iLife 08, Kreativität am Mac für Alle”.


It’s a warning, not an error. The text of the PDF couldn’t be indexed, maybe the PDF is not compatible to Tiger’s PDFKit or pdftotext (whatever is enabled in the preference).

The combination V2 & Leopard is able to handle the file.