import or index word documents

Everyone in my work uses a pc and writes in MS Word. Often when I import word documents into devonthink I lose all the formatting, particularly with footnotes or if the original writer used endnote. In an earlier post I saw Bill D. suggest using papyrus or pages as a means to export documents out of devonthink into word. Does it work the other way around – importing word docs into devonthink through papyrus or pages and saving the format? Or should I simply keep all my word docs in an external file and index them?

Perhaps you could print them to DT (select “Save to DevonThink” under PDF options when printing)?

Just an idea…

I definitely keep all of my word documents in a separate folder now, and index them into DTP, in order to preserve the formatting.

In fact, I’m beginning to wonder why I shouldn’t just be indexing everything. I mean, if I index I can still organize the file in DTP, access it there, search for it, etc.; but by having the originals also on the file system, I can use Spotlight and have aliases to them from other applications…


I don’t index everything, but I do my pdfs so I can do just as you say and have aliases and references to them from other programs. That way they are in a central place and available wherever I need them.