import Outlook pst file

I’m stuck in the world between Apple and Microsoft. I would like to archive all of my work email from Outlook using Devonthink Office at home. I know there are several solutions to import an Outlook pst file into Apple Mail, but most are very cumbersome or another expense on top of my already escalating 3rd party software bill. My question is:

Is there a way to import mail messages from an Outlook pst file directly into Devonthink Office? This feature (or Applescript) would be a wonderful lure to get some of my friends to take a serious look at Devonthink as an information manager. Not to mention it would make my life easier.

There are currently no plans to directly support the import of Outlook mailboxes. We have included some information in the online documentation on how to do the conversion using third-party tools, maybe you’ll find a better solution there from the ones you have tried?