import pdf files into DT from DA

It would be nice if it were possible to import pdf files found on the web directly into DT. Unless I am missing something, it is currently necessary to download the files using the contextual menu, then switch to DT and import them. If I want to preserve the original URL, I have to copy/paste from DA to DT.

BTW, the acrobat pdf viewer plugin doesn’t seem to be working in the DA browser windows.

Otherwise, I really like the DA browser. You’ve managed to create a wonderfully clean interface with a very rich feature set. Truely an admirable accomplishment.

I’m using DA 1.5 extensively now and finally hit on the pdf problem. It prompted me for the program I wanted to use to read the pdf, I selected Reader 7, and it just left a blank window. I used the Launch URL command to open it in Safari. A minor inconvenience but it would be nice to have fixed.

I also agree that this is a great upgrade. Seems lots faster at searching too. Good job folks!


I prefer PDF Browser Plugin to Acrobat 7 Reader for viewing PDF files in my browser. This plugin is free for personal or educational use.

Next, how to get a PDF file into DEVONthink? Because I want to maintain any hyperlinks, bookmarks, etc that may in in the PDF file, I first save it from DA to my drive, then (usually) Index import it into DT. An alternative might be to ‘print’ the PDF to DT, but that would lose hyperlinks and often would increase the PDF’s file size. (As you can tell, I usually keep my PDF files outside DT and import their text into DT so that I can do content searches and other DT magic on the files.)

PDF Browser Plugin also works well in Safari and OmniWeb, as well as in the DEVONagent browser. It offers the option of viewing the displayed PDF under another app. I always choose Preview if I want to do that, because I prefer Preview’s PDF search options to those in Actobat.

About the only uses I have for the full version of Acrobat are to do hyperlink editing in existing PDFs, or to capture some Web pages using Web Capture (Acrobat Web page captures retain links, for example, to endnotes that are localized to the captured copy – and are also convenient for capturing linked mutiple documents, e.g. a set of articles in Science Magazine that reference each other).

I haven’t tried PDF Browser Plugin but I’ll check it out when I have time (but I’m glad to busy at the moment :slight_smile:. Acrobat 7 has lots of features but is slow to load, maybe PDFBP will be faster as well.

Am I mistaken? I thought that DT indexed the words in a pdf when it is imported so that the document would be found in searches but just didn’t allow searching, etc., within the document from within DT after import.

I discovered one other (to me) absolutely necessary feature of Acrobat Professional. I do all my reports in Word. Sometimes I’ll have pages in the document that are horizontally oriented (for tables). This works fine in Word but if you “print” or save to a pdf you end up with a new document every time there is a horizontal page. You can create a pdf in Acrobat Professional that doesn’t do this.


I’ve shared your grief. Several years ago I put together an online database of hundreds of SOPs (standard operating procedures) as PDF files.

The original files were Word documents, many containing landscape table pages. During conversion to PDF, multiple PDF files were often created at “break” points of page format changes, such as landscape layout. Then I had to open the PDFs under Acrobat and stitch the pieces back together as a single document. Exasperating! Ran into the problem both in Windows and Mac.