Import PDF's from Paperless to DTPO (with OCR)?

As a longtime user of Mariner Paperless, I have hundreds of PDF’s. If I import them into DTPO, they are not searchable. :imp:

I see the Convert command, but the result of that is that I get a duplicate copy, the only difference being the OCR, but it’s up to me to find and delete the non-OCR version. As tedious as this is, I have to do it one at a time. If I did any more than that, it would be insurmountable to tell OCR from non-OCR. Please tell me there’s a better way?? :slight_smile:


You could use a smart group, e.g. Data > New from Template > Smart Groups > PDFs (Not Searchable), to find & remove the original documents.

Also, in DEVONthink Pro Office > Preferences > OCR you can check the option to move the original file to the Trash after text recognition. That would end the issue of two copies of a PDF after OCR.