Import Pinboard Bookmarks to DEVONthink Pro

Using the script work well, but is it not possible to retain the ‘date created’ from Pinboard?


There were some fixes from the DT team for the public script. They posted about it on the blog, but unfortunately didn’t answer what the changes / bugs were. I would like to incorporate them into the newer script and release it.

Easy to look yourself to see what changed. In Support Assistant, remove the Pinboard script and then re-install it and you’ll get the latest. The change is removal of a deprecated call to Keychain Scripting, which does not affect the operation of the script.

I just installed this script for the first time, as I just recently started using Pinboard. I’m entering the correct username and password but the script keeps returning “Download failed”.

Curious about this, I removed the script and freshly downloaded it again a few minutes ago. The prompt for name and password came up, as usual, and the download began immediately after I entered the credentials. If you go to Pinboard in a browser, is it working correctly?

Yes, if I go to Pinboard in the browser it works just fine.

Maybe there’s something blocking access to the internet like a firewall or anything that might block a port.

I do have Little Snitch, but I looked through my rules and there’s nothing that’s blocking DevonThink.

Flush your cache (DEVONthink > Empty Cache), restart DEVONthink, and try again. No harm in rebooting, while you’re at it.

Tried both, still no luck.

The Pinboard script might use a different port than DevonThink. Maybe if you try turning off Little Snitch for a few minutes to see if it works.

You know, the script is still pretty limited at this point. Right now my preference is to use Devonthink to subscribe to the RSS feeds that Pinboard generates. You can grab everything, or just one tag. It works fine except that the Pinboard tags don’t become tags in DT; but they are placed into the snippet with the rest of the information preceded by a hashtag. So, it looks like #school #news and so on. For me the lack of actual tags is moot because DT searches every word anyway. It would be nice if you could do a special search using hashtag, but DT doesn’t let you do it.

I turned it off all-together and still nothing.


If the script doesn’t prompt for a password anymore, try to delete the username / password combination in the Keychain Access app and enter it again when the plugin asks for it.

It appears the problem was my password - the script doesn’t seem to handle certain characters very well.

Now my problem is that it’s only pulling down a fraction of my bookmarks.

Does it look like the script would skip random bookmarks or do they just go back to a specific point in time?

The script (which you can find and read at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts/Import/Pinboard.scpt) uses Pinboard’s standard API. Pinboard’s API is documented here. The script uses this API method:

The API documentation states that
[quote="Pinboard API Documentation"]
API requests are limited to one call per user every three seconds, except for the following:

posts/all - once every five minutes
So, if you repeatedly run the script, it is possible that Pinboard will block you and provide little or no data.  That's not something DEVONthink can overcome.  I suggest wait a long while, then attempt the script.  You could also export your bookmarks using Pinboard's own [url=]export methods[/url].

Over here, I've run this script several times without an issue (4,500 bookmarks).