Import preferences suggestion


Along with the other umpteen feature requests…

For those of us who have multiple types of content (multiple content groups) in a single database this might be useful.

Would it be possible to have the import prefs for new notes to be accessible from either a CM or title bar icon?
This might facilitate placing new notes into the desired group when using a script to capture a page from Safari for example.
Perhaps there’s a simpler solution?

Also, even when I have a specific group selected in the import prefs for my current database, all content is added at the root level.

I have rebuilt etc with no impact. I’m using DTPro 1.1B3



Is that the case when you do File > Import > Files & Folders? Those imports should go to the designated group set in Preferences > Import.

Yes, I think file->import works fine.

I am referring to the primary way I add content to DT, via scripts from the internet.