Import Question

I just started with DT Pro and I accidently imported some folders instead of indexing them. I spent time on the forum but couldn’t find answers. Maybe my questions are too basic.

The imported folders contain very large websites with hundreds of files in each folders, and I interrupted the import in the middle.

  1. Does the import remove files from the original location, or does it systematically make a duplicate of the files into the database?

  2. If I want to retrieve files imported into the database, to re-export them into their original location. Is there a way to do so automatically? If so how late after importing them is it possible? How does it work?

  3. When I open the files from the database folder. If I drag them from there to a separate folder onto my hard drive (outside of the DT Pro window). Will it just relocate the files to that directory within the database? Or will it make a duplicate of that file, keeping the one in the database and adding a new copy into the directory on my hard drive? If so, will it automatically index that duplicate file?

  4. Is there an UNDO for import?

Thank you very much for your assistance,


The files are copied.

Just use File > Export > as Files & Folders…

No. All you have to do is delete the imported files/folders.

Thanks for your prompt reply.