Import questions from a new user

Finally I’ve bought the Personal Edition and I’m looking forward to upgrade to Professional.
In the meantime I’ve got some questions:
1.) I thought that it is no problem to import *.php files. When I recently imported my project directory into DT (with the setting to copy files to the Devonthink folder) DT doesn’t import those files.
Another thing that makes my worried is that there is no notification in the sense like ->  [color=Red]12323 files imported, 10 couldn’t be imported. These files are: File a.php, File b.bmp, File etc.
My project folder has got a size of 1,2 GB with more than 20000 files. If 10 of them aren’t imported someday with my clients it could be a problem.

2.) The links in imported html-Files aren’t working. I’ve read that this should be changed in the Professional Version coming. Am I right?

3.) If I make a new html page inside of DT, afterwards often the page doesn’t load(only the first time). So my workaround is to make a new html page and then in the loaded page to capture the page again. Then everything works fine. But I would prefer that this step could be avoided.

So…that’s all.
Thanks for a great piece of software and please excuse my english… ;D

Although I can’t comment on the majority of your post, this part caught my eye. If I recall correctly, DT Personal Edition does not handle more than about 10,000 files very well, and has odd behavior / crashing after that limit. However DT Pro supposedly has unlimited file import / indexing. Just wanted to warn you, in case you ran into odd behavior / crashing.

Sorry I can’t comment help you with your questions.