Import → References from Bookends... Bug or Setting Issue?

Hi Team,

I’m experiencing an issue when importing references into DT3 from Bookends where the citation reference (highlighted blue in the image below) is incomplete.

In Bookends it is shown complete as: Zerubavel, E., & Smith, E. R. (2010). Transcending Cognitive Individualism. Social Psychology Quarterly, 73(4), 321-325, but as soon as it imports only the authors are pulled in.

I don’t know if this is a bug with the DT3 importer, if I’ve got a setting wrong somewhere or if this is expected behaviour, but I’d be grateful for any help correcting or clarifying this.

Many thanks in advance! :grin:

The contents are actually provided by Bookends (via AppleScript internally), DEVONthink uses the Summary format.

Thank you :blush::pray: I’ll query this with Bookends devs. Much appreciated.