Import RIS (reference manager) File + Store Individual References in DTP

I have a .RIS file (from a reference manager that is web-based). I want to import it into DTP so that all the individual references within are expanded and listed in DTP. The file has 700 references.

Is this feasible? If so, how?

There is no support for .RIS files.
Also, youd need to provide much more information on what you expected to happen. This is just a file with a bunch of data but no direction as to what you’re actually referring to.

A while ago I dragged a reference into DTP, and it showed up in a table format with the respective columns for the reference data. I cannot remember how I did that. However, I wanted to store my references in DTP, and I am trying to understand how to import them. I thought that I could just import the RIS and DTP would parse the data (like any reference manager). However, I understand that is not feasible.

So I am trying to understand how to import references into DTP for archival purposes.

References from what application?