Import saved browser links as Clutter-Free PDFs

I have a browser favorites folder devoted to academic article links that I would like to import into DT. My preferred import when I do single links from the browser is to save them as Clutter-Free PDFs. Is there a way to do a bulk import of these links that are in the folder? I’d rather not have to go through the extension import process for each one.


Which browser do you use? If it’s a supported one, then you could import your bookmarks via File > Import > Bookmarks.

Afterwards the bookmarks can be clipped in various formats via Scripts > Download but without using the clutter-free option. This could be done by creating customized versions of the scripts too.

I’m using MS Edge (Mac), which is a chromium app. I’ll have a look at the process you suggest.


Edge is currently not supported. Is it possible to export favorites from Edge?

That’s what I was looking at. I think I can export from Edge and import to Safari (or Chrome, which I still have in the apps folder).

The export/import to Safari and the import to DT was painless. I’m running the script to convert to PDF right now and it looks like it’s going well. These come from an academic site, so I think not having the clutter-free will not be a problem.

Thanks for your help. Saved me a lot of work and clued me in to the scripts, which I had not used.

You’re welcome.