Import Scans Going to Global Inbox Regardless of Destination Setting

Scans from my ScanSnap iX500 are going to the global inbox even though “Select group” is selected in Preferences > Import. Following the scan, and after I rename the file, the destination window pops up and I’m able to select the group where I want the file to go. But it goes to the global Inbox instead. It seemed that this worked correctly when I first started using DT3. I’m running DEVONthink Edition 3.0beta2 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

OCR is being done by DT3.

This has already been reported: DT3 b2 - Import into Select Group

Please check to see that I have understood you correctly and it is, in fact, the same bug.

Yes, this seems to be the same issue. Odd that it didn’t surface when I searched before posting. Good to know it’s already being looked into.