Import scans with unsupported device

After a few scares with syncing an indexed database across 2 computers, I am considering importing files instead in my future databases. A major impediment to my workflow in this regard seems to be the scanning device that I use is not recognized within DT, so it seems that I cannot directly import scans at the time they are created. I do historical research in archives using a portable scanner/camera to photograph documents, and I would like to import the pics directly into the DB, so I can then make quick notations at the time of capture.

The Mac OS app associated with my scanner does not have an option to “open the finished scan with another application” as mentioned in the DT documentation. I can only set the file destination path for the images.

Are there solutions to this problem? The DT documentation also mentions sending a Zip archive of the (scanning) application so it can be added to future releases. Is this still possible?

My device is a CZUR Shine Ultra: Powerful Book Scanner In Shine Ultra Smart Scanner Series CZUR


This works for me
I set the file destination path to the Devonthink Inbox folder (alias)

That sounds promising! Can you be more specific about the process? I do not know how to create an alias and then set it as my file destination. Thanks!

I used the instructions posted here

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Note: You should not send scans to the Global Inbox directly if OCR is going to be done via the external scanning application.

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I do not use the external scanning application for OCR. I use the one inside of DT. So it should be ok, then? Are there any other solutions than this one (i.e. scanning to the Global Inbox)? Thanks!

That worked…thanks!

Yes. When the external app (e.g. scanner software) performs the OCR the problem is that that external app (can) first put the file in its final destination (the inbox), and then try to work on it. That can mean the file is either gone when OCR is intended (because DT has moved it to the global inbox) or possibly even open and being written to when it is moved. In any case, data corruption could occur. This is not a problem if the file is dropped into the inbox once work on it has finished. So you are fine if you are not performing OCR externally after the scan.