Import Site, recursive also not importing Unknown File Types

I am trying to import:

and am having a few problems.

#1 It goes for ever, and ever, and ever. I can download the entire site and it’s only a few megs, but DEVONthink keeps getting low on the queue, then fills it back up. That’s what I would expect, but not for an hour straight for such a small site.

#2 It is not importing files with the extension .icn because they are an unknown file type. I choose to import Unknown Files. The files wind up in DEVONthink as a link, but I want the ability to read them off line while away from an Internet connection, etc…

#3 The unknown file types are being duplicated even though I said overwrite existing files. In one folder, for instance, I’ll have 10 of the exact same files, all showing in red. The longer I let the import run, the higher this number goes.

Thanks for any input. At this point, I’d be happy if I could truely import unknown files and then de-dup the directories.

Thanks for any input,


Those are known issues of the download manager of v1.2.2 and will be fixed by the next release (just checked your example and the current beta downloads it successfully to the database).

Any idea when it will be released? Can I download the beta?


Hopefully later this year.