Import text files

I’ve been migrating from Yojimbo to DT Pro and .rtf files come in fine, but .txt files only import the title. I’ve exported from Yojimbo as stand-alone .txt and/or .rtf files, and then import.

Does DT Pro not support import of .txt files?


DT Pro 1.5.1

MacBook Pro
2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Yes, plain text (.txt) files can be imported. I often do that.

Do your files have the .txt or .text suffix?

Check DT Pro > Preferences > Import - Files: Is the option to import plain text documents checked? Is Encoding set for Automatic?

Yes it’s checked and set to automatic, files are .txt. You are running 1.5.1?

I had emailed DT support and hadn’t heard back so posted here. I did however this morning get a reply from DT that is a known bug and due for a fix in an update to 1.5.1.


I had forwarded your message to Christian.

Before responding last night I did a test import of plain text files from a variety of sources.

Of course, they all were imported flawlessly under 1.5.1 and OS X 10.5.2. :slight_smile:

I’m soon on 10.5.2. I’ve got an external USB drive with a bootable 10.5.2 already. I’m testing my must have applications for my video editing business before upgrading my MacBook Pro and I’m almost ready to do so. I’ll try in 10.5.2 and see what I get.

Thanks for the update.

Don’t interpret my post to imply that the OS X upgrade to 10.5.2 made the difference.

Rather, I was chuckling that the issue Christian noted didn’t bite me – that time, anyway. Most of my text imports are rich text. But there are some plain text imports. I was able to check them and they were all there.

But I’ve followed Christian’s advice, as always. I’ve changed Preference > Import settings for plain text to UTF 8 encoding rather than automatic.

I just tried that in 10.4.11 and it worked. However, I have just finished spending the afternoon copy/pasting into DT Pro and am done with my imports. Should have read your reply sooner :frowning:

Bottom line is DT Pro is just what I’ve been looking for (and didn’t know I had) for keeping track of my “digital life”. I had bought DT Standard and never installed it on my new computer, and will be upgrading to Pro. The Web Archives are the must have for me. I have several online reference sites, but it requires a live internet and when I’m traveling I don’t always have a connection. This will let he have my cake and eat it too…

As I encounter more questions, I’ll be back. :smiley: But thanks again for the feedback.

A continuing issue: I too found that changing the encoding default to UTF-8 allowed me to import text files, while before it would just create empty files with the original files’ names.

However, I just tried to import 10 text files, and all of them except on came in OK… the remaining one behaved just as before: only a content-less text file was created in the database, with the same filename as the original.

Any thoughts? All the text tiles were created at the same time, with the same program (textmate)

I can cut and paste, of course, but this would be an issue if I were trying to import a couple of hundred txt

Great program, btw…

You could check if it’s possible to import this using Mac OS Roman, for example choose File > Import > Files & Folders…, then select the desired encoding without having to change the preferences.

The next release will fix the automatic encoding handling of course.