Import "Website" from local disk


this is so simple, I must be blind on both eyes:

I want to import a set of documents created as HTML with linked pages and CSS style sheets from my hard disk into DTPO. The links don’t work when I just drag the site into DTPO.

So I tried “downloading” with the URL file:://… (which is cumbersome b.t.w.). But this won’t work.

Now I work with the indexed version, but I really prefer to have the pages inside DTPO.

What do I do wrong?


Actually nothing. Indexing is unfortunately still the recommended way to handle local websites, otherwise the links break. One workaround might be to store the website and the database in the same folder.

Thanks for the workaround, I hope for an import option in the future.


Can you turn on personal web sharing, drop it in your ~/Sites folder, and download it from localhost/~Maria/mysite ? (where Maria is your username and mysite is the subfolder beneath Sites)

This seems to be a good idea. I tried it but for the time being it does not work – seems to be because of the structure of the automatically created site. I will try it later again and report, but for now: Thank you for pointing me to this method.

Cheers, Maria