Import (with OCR) folder action help

Is there a way to use the Import (with OCR) feature of DTOP on a folder action for a folder on my Mac desktop? If so what specifically do I need to do?

The easiest way is to build a workflow in Automator to achieve this and save it as a Folder Action.

Annard, thanks for the reply. Could you tell me specifically what actions/items to put in the workflow? I’ve searched the forum and can’t find anything to get me started.

The disk distribution image contains a whole folder with example workflows and explanations on how these are constructed are found in the online help.

Basically (off the top of my head):

Get Selected Finder Items
Select Current Group
OCR Items

To expand on Annard’s comment, don’t ignore the Extras folder on the download disk image if you might be interested in using the scripts and Automator examples that are included. They can be used ‘as is’ or as examples to help you get started with your own customized scripts or workflows.

Here’s a list of Workflows in a recent copy of the Extras folder:

About these Workflows
Add and Move Missing Files.workflow
Add in Finder.workflow
Capture Safari Page.workflow
Clean Today’s To Do.workflow
Combine PDF Records.workflow
Compress PDF to 96dpi.workflow
Convert Selection using OCR.workflow
Convert URLs to Webarchive.workflow
Copy Checked Records to iPod Notes.workflow
End Workday.workflow
Gather Information from Safari.workflow
Move Existing Files.workflow
Open DEVONthink Spotlight Item.workflow
Set Attributes Recursively.workflow
Start Workday.workflow
Store DEVONagent Selection in Specified Group.workflow
Store Information from Safari.workflow
Store Safari Selection in Specified Group.workflow

Similarly, inside the Extras folder there’s a Scripts folder that holds several folders containing script and droplet examples:

Folder Actions

The DEVONacademy has still more script examples at … ripts.html

And of course there are many scripts shared, often with tips, in the DT Scripting section of this forum.

The point is that DT Pro/Office have great potential for extending and automating procedures beyond those directly available in the application as downloaded from the Download page.

Bill, thanks for the reply. I would sincerely appreciate, and would even pay, to have someone help me solve the following problem:

I have Snow Leopard
I have an HP Officejet with ADF which is network attached (i.e. not usb)
I need to scan a document as a PDF, make it searchable, and get it into the inbox of my active DB.

Using image capture through DTOP doesn’t work as I believe the HP needs to be connected USB for image capture to see it. Every time I use Import (w/Image Capture) Image Capture either does not see the scanner or just does not work.

As a workaround, when I scan a document to a PDF directly to a folder on my desktop using Preview or whatever, then drag into DTOP, I get an annoying popup from DT’s Log Window telling me there is no text. If I could make this stop I would be quite happy. Since no one on the forums has told me how to make this stop, I have been trying to work around the problem with folder actions to OCR BEFORE the PDF is moved into DTOP but thus far have been unsuccessful.

Am I going about this all wrong? Please get me going so I can purchase your product. I really like it.


You can avoid your popup hell in this way: In DTPO2, choose File > Import > Images (with OCR), then select one or more image-only PDFs for OCR and storage in the database. :slight_smile:

Yes that does work. Ideally that exact process could be a folder action. With all the other sample workflows, I’m actually surprised there is not one that does this exact same thing. Of course I may have missed seeing it however.

Would you, or anyone else, know if there is a way to access this process via adding an icon to the tool bar, a hot key, or something?