Import with OCR in Devonthink 3 limited to only processing 1 document at a time?

The trial is limited to a set number of pages a day, however with a licence there is no limit on the number of pages or documents.

9.0.4 has been released. Has this issue been addressed as part of this release? I do not see mention of it in the change notes.

@aedwards @BLUEFROG. THANKS SO MUCH !!! To confirm with a license I can keep stacking these and they will continue to move on / process ? For example, if I select 100 PDF’s to OCR, it won’t stop after 10, 20, some arbitrary number it will happily go through all 100 without me having to input anything until the end ?

@aedwards @BLUEFROG Can you please review my latest post and confirm / clarify ? Thanks

FWIW: as far as I can tell, that is exactly the behaviour now exhibited (disclaimer: I haven’t had more than approx. 20 documents in the queue, and none have been overly large)

You can stack as many documents as you want and it will continue to OCR them.