Imported Bookends References Question

The new versions of Devonthink have an option called Import from Bookends.
This brings information from selected Bookends references into Devonthink as RTF files.

There doesn’t appear to be a corresponding Index Bookends References option. Is that right?

Let me explain why I miss such a option: if I import a series of references on a given topic, and then realize that I need to clear up certain aspects of the original Bookends reference then – I appears – the changes would not be reflected in the RTF file.

The fact that Devonthink now automatically indexes indexed folders is nice. There is no possibility, I suppose, of automatically re-indexing Bookends references to reflect changes made in Bookends? I suppose not.

If that is the case, how do others propose to deal with this, so as to use the new steps towards integration of these apps more useful?

The update BE reference feature you requested IS operational (v 2.7.1).

Try updating one of your Bookend references and then reimporting from BE. You will find any updated references are imported, replacing the previous version. A similar process to what occurs when you REINDEX!

BTW the import process is quite comprehensive and includes most of the BE fields.

You can open any reference in BE directly, by selecting the reference in the DTP Bookends folder, and then press control-command -O ,“launch the URL” command, which opend the record in BE, if BE is open.

What I was referring to was something equivalent to auto-reindexing.
Otherwise, every time I change something in Bookends I have to go through a number of steps to re-import it. Not having to worry about this step might make the importation process worthwhile. Without it, it becomes a bit less dependable.

Thanks for the response.