Imported iView catalog file poses problem in last view

I imported an iView catalog file as a reference into DTP. To be able to do this I had to select in the preferences “Import > Unknown File Types” .

The iView catalog launches fine and is recognized by DTP as “item” which means that a folder that contains it will display an arrow at left.

This is the case in the 4th and 5th view and also in the 3rd view where the arrow icon is at the right side (I’m referring to the view settings in DTP’s tool bar).

HOWEVER, in the last view (3 panes, list at left and above), the folder which contains the alias to the iView catalog loses the arrow icon.

This seems like a bug to me. Please fix.

Sincerely, Martin.

The three-pane view adds only arrows to those groups in the left pane having additional subgroups. Therefore this is probably correct.

OK this makes sense.