Imported my nested file folders w/files and numerous duplica

I just imported my nested file folders with all contents (mostly PDFs) into a brand new DTP 2.0 database. The import processed over 7,500 files without any errors and it did it pretty quickly. Great so far.

In the “Duplicates” smart folder created in my new database, I noticed that there are hundreds of duplicates. When I select a file in the duplicates folder and “Show in Finder”, I see that there are 2 copies of the duplicate file in different folders inside my DTP database.

I checked and there is only one copy in the original file folders that I imported. I tried deleting the group and reimporting the folder and I got the same result, duplicates of certain files that have only one file in the source folders imported.

How can I fix this?

Bud James

Are there aliases in the folders you’ve imported? Because DEVONthink is resolving them while importing/indexing and that could explain the duplicates.

No there are no aliases.

When I copy the file name of any of the “duplicate” files and paste into the search, only one record can be found. I get the same result if I search via Spotlight, therefore, I do not think that duplicate files actually exist.

I also tried Verify & Repair and Rebuild the database. This made no difference.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Only the contents of the files matter but not their names. But the popup of the Info panel should list all duplicates in a popup menu.