Imported pdf forms in DT3 is "empty"

Dear all,
I often have the issue that imported pdfs have no content. The original form is there but the text is missing (see example jpg).
Thanks in advance for your suggestions

It would be helpful if you posted screenshots instead of photos. The visual artifacts make the latter a bit hard to recognize.

As to your PDF: Does Preview (Vorschau) give the expected output?

How did you import the PDF?

Thanks for your advice! Here is the screenshot.

The original pdf was sent by email. In this case its a rental car agreement with my address, prices etc which are all missing.

How I did it:
In the apple mail program I opened the pdf by double-clicking to open it with apples “preview” (in which I could see the full document with all text). Then I press “add to DevonTHINK 3”. In Devonthink I see only the format with no text.
Best regards

Which version of macOS and DEVONthink do you use?

Monterey 12.4 and DT3: 3.8.4. It happened in all versions since many months and is not an exception.

And does it work by dragging the PDF directly from the email to DEVONthink?

Great. Yes, that works fine!
Thanks for your support. That is my new work around.
Best regards