Importer function bugged?

What I call the “importer function”, meaning anything that involves sending information to DT3 such as from browsers, from DA, etc, is causing issues for me. Fairly often I try the operation and nothing happens. When this occurs, I have to force quit DT3 and reopen and then the operation works fine…not a catastrophe but annoying.

  • Are you referring to the Sorter?
  • And are you referring specifically to the Clip to DEVONthink extension?
    • If so, what do you have a specific URL?

It’s happening with the both clip to Devon think extension and with the export from DevonAgent. The issue is not specific to any given URL but seems to happen after the program has been open for a while. In Other words at some point these functions simply stop working forcing me to close and reopen DT.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.