Importing a Pages document and being able to search on it

Hello! I have a bunch of Pages documents that I have imported into DTPO. I want to be able to search these documents but unlike an imported MS Word document, DTPO doesn’t seem to find the document I am looking for.

Is there a plugin or something to set? I was hoping to be able to use DTPO to store all these Pages documents and at a later date, simply search and find any specific document if I needed it (e.g., a letter).

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

Pages documents are fully supported.

What OS are you using?
Check your search criteria as well.

Hey BLUEFROG…Thanks for your help. I am currently using OSX 10.10.5. I double-checked my criteria for searching: I’m searching ALL and in the specific database where I imported the Pages documents.

Ok. I think I discovered what the problem is: I’m using a Pages template and merging information from Daylite (a CRM) into the document. The completed document looks just fine, normal, and like a regular Pages document. But somehow, it must be different. I can see the document in DTPO and it looks totally fine—however, DTPO is unable to locate it in a search.

Now if I take a normal Pages document (not merged) and import it into DTPO, it works just fine; I can search on the document even when buried in a pile of other documents, DTPO has no problem finding it.

It appears the merging process must change the Pages document in a manner that DTPO cannot search it. Is there any way around this (short of printing the document and importing as a PDF–which is more work then I was hoping for as I’m trying to automate my workflow)? I would ideally like to simply import these merged documents. Any solutions or ideas as to why this problem is occurring would be appreciated. Thanks so much.