importing a site + linked pages to DV pro

Hi there.
did a search but couldn’t find an answer
if I want to get a site ( … ?DokuWiki= for exp.) with its sub-links to DV for offline refremce… can I do it?
if so, how?

I do have DA if needed



I’m not shure that I understand you.

You will store this site in DT ?

You can store this site with browser = safari as format: web archive and put it in DT.

Jochen (.de)

Will safari allow me to get the pages that are linked to the main page?

If I click on a link in the web archiv document safari start and open this linked site


thats my point - I want the whole site on my laptop.

What’s your point ?

You will store the the first site and all other linked sites in one document offline ?


yes thats what im trying to do…

found it
using download manager should do it.
going to try.

thanks :slight_smile:

While not as elegant, but maybe a bit more long term storage friendly is to use a combination of DeepVacuum and Adobe Acrobat. Unfortunately this requires having the commercial version of Adobe.

What I have started doing is downloading a specific site (I have only done sites with simple directory structures so far). I like Site Vacuum because it seems to have more flexebility that Adobe for downloading sites. I then use Adobe to open and save the downloaded site as a PDF and then import it into DT.


R. Joe

CocoaWget is a site sucking program. You can use it to archieve a website on your local drive including the pages linked to the page you are grabbing. You can set the link depth. Hope this helps. … et_en.html