Importing a website already downloaded into a folder

An entire website was passed to me as a zip file that expands into a folder. I am unable to import the site successfully into DTPO: all graphics display as question marks, which makes me believe that the import process breaks the folder structure.

How can I perform this task?

I tried feeding the local URL of the folder into the DTPO download manager but I got an error and no files were “downloaded.”

Any other approaches short of uploading the page onto a host and downloading from there?


When DEVONthink imports files, it rearranges them internally in a DEVONthink database into a series of folders and subfolders that enable fast processing for DEVONthink - but that rearranging causes all the links in a web site to be non-functioning.

For websites, it’s better to index the top level (root folder), which preserves the file and subfolder structures, which should preserve the links.

Before indexing, though, make sure that the unzipped folder and its subfolders are working correctly. Open index.html, or whatever file is the root of the site you downloaded in your default browse, and confirm that you can navigate as you expect.

Thanks, Korm. Importing would have been better but I will resort to indexing, as you suggest.