Importing Apple Notes

Has anyone had any luck importing Apple Notes to DT and having the links survive? If I use the import from Apple Notes feature, I get a formatted note and the in-line links are gone. If I drag an Apple Note out of the notes app, I get an RTF with in-line links that work in DT, but not on DTTG.

Does anyone have a different experience or method?

I’m not seeing an issue in the current internal build.
Dragging a note from Apple Notes to a database in DEVONthink To Go has an active link in the resulting RTF file.

I just checked the public release of 3.5.4 and it’s working there as well.

Thanks for the response. I should have been more clear. When I drag the Apple Note into DT and then sync to DTTG, the DTTG file links are no longer functional.

Actually, I just tested dragging an Apple Note into DTTG and I an see the links, as they are blue text, but I can use the links. I feel like I am missing something that I should be doing.

I figured out my problem. I was trying to tap the links. When I drag the links from DTTG, it activates them perfectly.

Can you clarify what you’re referring to here?

In DTTG, I could see the in-line links. I tied to tap or double-tap the links in DTTG and got no response. Because of this, I figured the links in the RTF files were not useable in DTTG. When I tap, hold, and drag the link from DTTG to the edge of my iPad, the link activates properly in split screen.

The links should be active in the document itself. Stay tuned for the next maintenance release as we have some improvements to the text editor coming.