Importing/Archiving Email: Error Importing Message - "Can't create replicant in group..."

Good day, all.

I’m archiving email from GSuite, and have enabled the “Previously imported will become replicants” option under Preferences > Files > Emails.

I’ve also disabled Import complete conversations and group conversation threads, in case that matters.

When importing emails or archiving the entire mailbox, I keep seeing the “Error importing message” in the Log Window in the File/Action column along with “Can’t create replicant in group…” message under the Info column.

I’ve checked folder permissions on the OS and the folder is writeable by everyone (777 permissions), and even installed dT3 on a fresh-installed MacBook Pro running 12.6.2 and I keep seeing the same message.

Searching these forums for “Can’t create replicant in group” doesn’t provide a smoking gun answer and I’m wondering if any one here might know why this is happening.

Do I need to manually create a replicant group in the database group?

Thank you.


Most likely the email (or one with the same message ID) was already imported and therefore there’s already a replicant in the destination group.

Yes! I was thinking the same thing @cgrunenberg, thank you!

Since the log message says can’t create… I wasn’t sure if that was the reason.

dT3 is not wanting to create multiple replicants of the same message, thankfully.