Importing contents of white mailboxes from

Hello folks,

I’m wanting to experiment with bringing all of my archived email into DTPoffice, however the way I organized my mailboxes was to put them in “white” mailboxes (ie mailboxes that contain only other mailboxes, no email), so I have to go through a tedious process of downloading each individual mailbox with email to avoid the “import all” option.

I don’t want to bring in my inbox and an older unfiled folder because these stuff hasn’t been organized yet – and I don’t want to have to repeat organizing in Mail AND DTPoffice.

Is there a way to quickly select a mailbox and all of its children mailboxes in DTPoffice?


That’s how exactly how the “Import All” button works. It is only enabled when you select a mailbox and will import that mailbox and its children.

Oh! I feel pretty foolish. I thought Import All referred to all mailboxes everywhere.
Thanks for clearing this up for me!


Is there any way to add mailboxes and submailboxes to DT Pro Office automatically from Mail? At the moment, if I highlight a mailbox in Mail that contains one or more submailboxes, then select “Add to DT Pro Office” from the Mailbox menu, only the Mailbox folder name is added to my DT database, without any submailboxes or messages (!?). This again seems totally counterintuitive. Why can’t I just highlight a mailbox and transfer everything in it?