Importing data from an indexed folder

I am looking for a way to export entries from a filemaker database to DT3 on a regular basis as simple text files. It works flawlessly to create the text files to an indexed folder and DT3 is importing the text files without any problem as well.

Now I need a solution for this problem: from time to time the data in the database is updated and I export that data again to a text file to import it to DT3. In this case a new entry with the same name as the old entry is created in DT3. How do I achieve to delete the old version of file before or after I import the new version?

The files are always named with this convention:
fmL_[database identifier]_[some descriptive text].txt

Any help is highly appreciated.

Only used FileMaker once to export a database, but if I recall correctly there’s an option somewhere to overwrite files. Unfortunately my FileMaker demo expired so I can’t check if that’s true, however I guess @georgeorwell knows whether it’s possible to overwrite existing files during export.

Thanks for your reply. Looks like I forgot to add 1 step in my workflow:

After the file is created in the indexed folder it is moved to a DT3 group. There it creates a dupe document and I am looking for a way to delete the old version of the file first.

Do you want to actually replace the existing record with the new record (e.g. because you want the new record’s creation date) or do you want to update the existing record with the new record’s content?

I want to replace the old content with the new content. But after playing around with it I assume it is not necessary to move the files into the database. I can export the data from FileMaker and by doint this it automatically overwrites any old version and keep the data in the indexed folder. Thanks for checking my request.