Importing data from NoteTaker: Help needed with script!


I have collected several dozen MB of text clippings for a research project I am about to begin. This collection has been done with NoteTaker / NoteShare by Aquaminds; however, as I am beginning to discover, that software (while nice and intuitive to use and good with its integration of clipping services into the contextual menu) is no good for the purpose of analysing the approximately 2500 clippings that I have.

Enter DTP, which I have been testing for a couple of days now. Given that most of my clippings are in the 200-500 words “sweet spot” that DTP is supposed to be best at, I am eager to export my data from NoteTaker and import them into DTP.

Since the clippings often contain pictures and links, and I want to keep these, export and import via .opml is ruled out, as that exports only text. Furthermore, I would like to preserve the original source (a http address) and the date and time of access – both of which are given in the individual entries.

Doing this via an AppleScript seems the right way to go, but for one obstacle: I don’t know AppleScript, being a humble social scientist rather than a programmer. If anyone could help me with that, it would be much appreciated.

The script would have to do the following:

  • iterate through the entries (which are all on one page),
    and for each entry
  • copy and store the http address (starting after "clipping of "),
  • copy and store date and time (after the above, in format hh:mm)
  • copy and store in RTF the rest of the entry (the actual text).

Rather than copying and storing the last point, the simplest way would be to invoke the OS X Service provided by DTP to create a new RTF memo; but I don’t know whether it is possible to do that from an AppleScript.

OK, this has been a long entry, and for anyone still reading, could you help me with providing a sceleton of an AppleScript that would do the above? I am willing (and probably, given enough time, also able) to fiddle with the details; but I need some help with the overall design of the script.

For any DEVON people reading there is a further incentive: if I can manage to pull the data into DTP, I’ll buy a license to the program :wink:

Many thanks for any help you can provide, or pointers to where I might find further enlightenment!


Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to transfer rich texts from one application to another - it’s a limitation of Mac OS X’s AppleScript support.

The only solution would be to tell NoteTaker to save each entry as a separate file and import that file into DEVONthink but I don’t know if that’s possible.

Many thanks for the quick reply!

Is the alternative route (invoking DTP’s service menu) possible via AppleScript?

Or can AppleScript simulate pressing the appropriate keys?


You might have a look at the “Copy Selection To…” script simulating the Cmd-C shortcut via system events.

Thanks for the suggestion.

So far, it actually looks as if a simple macro processor that simulates key presses (like QuicKeys) is the best solution. Letting it loop pulls in the data, and the address and date manipulation I can do later.

It feels almost like the good old days of WordPerfect Office under DOS 15 years ago :slight_smile: