Importing database on new mac ssd


I have DT Personal. I am installing a ssd on my imac which is running externally at present the old hdd remains in situ. I have done a fresh install of el capitan on the ssd and used migration assistant to transfer files to the ssd. When I opened DT on the ssd it asked for my password which I inserted but DT is then blank. How do I import the stuff from the “old” hdd database which I assume to have been copied over to the ssd please?. I’ve seen reference in the posts to Library - Application Support - Devonthink2 - but once there am not sure which file I’m looking for and what I then do with it - Thanks.

The entire ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 2 folder is the Global Inbox. Copy this to the new ~/Library/Application Support folder with DEVONthink Personal closed. It should be intact when you relaunch it.