Importing delicious bookmarks

Is there a way to import delicious bookmarks or a workaround to get them in some how? I exported the bookmarks to a .htm document and I was thinking I might be able to copy all the links and with script or something “import all links”. If theres an easier way any information would be appreciated, Thanks :smiley:

One thing to try might be opening the page in Safari and running the “Add links to DEVONthink” script (e.g. under Safari Scripts in the menubar script menu). Maybe test first with a new, scratch database.

The Import >… script in the DT scripts menu might help. (DT becomes very busy and unresponsive for quite a while the script runs if you have a goodly number of bookmarks).

I imported my delicious bookmarks to DTP via RSS feed.

Data > New > Feed

I also changed the delicious feed link so it would import all of my bookmarks (around 100). All the new bookmarks after that are automatically included and they will not disappear from DTP unless you manually delete them.


You can copy the feed link by the end of the page of your delicious account and substitute the 15 in the end (by standard the feed pushes the last 15 bookmarks) for a higher number (on the above example 100). I have no idea if this would work for much higher numbers, though.

Good luck,

— Maria