Importing e-mail conversations

Apple mail works well & I really value being able to view conversations easily.
When e-mails are imported or archived to DT, the messages I have received appear as individual entries & there is no threading. The messages I have sent of course are not imported.
DT offers much better organisation capabilities & it is easy to tag things (in my case clients) to keep information together. However it would be really great to be able to see received & sent e-mails in a threaded view.

Does anyone know how to:
Export all messages in a conversation from Apple Mail?
Have them displayed in a threaded view in DT?

That would be pretty awesome! (& I mean it as we brits are not prone to describing things as awesome!)


Grouping conversations and threading are set in DTPO’s Preferences > Email. However, threading is not a foolproof thing. There’s not even a standard for it, and implementations for it vary or are non-existent.

I feared as much.

Do you know of any apps which can extract whole threads, including my replies?