Importing e-mail in DTPO

Hello after a long time i decided to import my e-mail (about 100.000) archive into a dedicated Devonthink database

a moment i was thinking to use MailSteward / MailSteward Pro but why i have Devonthink Pro Office ! and all together its nice and less time / recourses consuming.

Anyway i’am using the last version of DTPO on a Mavericks MBP
Empty new database created and lets import…
from all my e-mail (google business with imap) i selected all starting with the whole year 2011

Count 4000 email

lets import

Import done and than…

in the inbox i see 237 ???
if i go to the search window (top right) and specify 2011 select all ctrl +a i get 2137 items selected

If i take the database properties of the new i have 4208 where 4199 are unknown

Best regards,