Importing e-mails

While test-driving DT Pro Office (the current 2.0 beta) I tried some e-mail imports and noticed two problems:

  1. Nested folder hierarchies are not shown correctly in the import dialog, nor correctly imported. There is only one level of folders inside each account.

  2. There seems to be some problem with character set handling. All of my messages written in French have their accented characters messed up after import.

Is there perhaps something I overlooked?


The first happens if you import one mailbox at the time, if you use the other button for recursive import the tree will be preserved.

The second can happen if you don’t use the special Mail plugin we have developed. When mail programs use raw 8 bit character encoding (Outlook is a culprit in most cases) the encoding can sometimes not be preserved or detected properly. You may want to check the Mail preference’s “Fallback Encoding” and try setting it to the proper Windows encoding for your region, this may sometimes help.

I did use “import all”, and I did get exactly the hierarchy that was shown in the import window - it’s just not the right one.

I imported from Apple’s (the only mail reader I ever used on my Mac), using the “import e-mail” menu in DT. I don’t know anything about mail plugins or Windows encodings!

I checked more of the imported messages and found that not all of them had their accented characters messed up, only about 70% of them. And all of my messages in German look fine. I also checked that all messages display correctly in


Based upon your response I’m guesstimating that you didn’t install the plugin for Mail (Help > Install Add-ons menu). Once you do that, you’ll find the import a lot better (and faster). Because it sounds like you used the AppleScript interface and Apple has been messing up this interface for Mail since Panther and hasn’t bother to improve it even in 10.6. If you’re using the latter OS X you’ll have to wait for public beta 7 to get full support for Mail 4.

It is indeed a lot faster now, and the folder hierarchy is handled correctly.

However, the problem concerning the accented characters is not solved. It even got worse, as the messages concerned are not imported at all now! Instead, I got a couple of error messages in the log:

09:28:09: ~/Documents/Mail.dtBase2/Files.noindex/eml/7/2a17ca129f41ad533c083232341543fdc1d6761e.eml *** -[NSCFDictionary initWithObjects:forKeys:count:]: attempt to insert nil value at objects[0] (key: DTMimePartErrorKey)
09:28:09: /var/folders/5o/5oa68Zl0EQG9YX04ru5xvE+++TM/-Tmp-/Mail/MailImport/Apple Mail/GMX/Organizations/CNRS/2a17ca129f41ad533c083232341543fdc1d6761e.eml Unknown Format
09:28:10: Re: Machine MPCB et autres Couldn’t extract text from mail message.

The last message is OK because there is indeed an empty mail message in my collection. As for the other error (which occurs several times), I checked the messages missing after the import, and they are indeed multi-part MIME messages, but I don’t understand the rest of the error message.


It’s probably a malformed multi-part MIME message that hasn’t passed through error checking before. It would help if you can zip such a message up and email it to



I have a related issue: the text of my imported e-mails is not selectable. Is that intentional? They were imported using the menu command in Mail.

Tuesday Tip: Use the plain text view