Importing email into DTPO v2

When I drag and drop an email message from Apple Mail into DTPO, the active links from the original message are no longer active; and, I can’t even select text. Should both of those things be true?

A related question: I just learned a little bit about MailTags, is there any reason to use that in conjunction with DTPO v2, or will DTPO soon have all of the same capabilities with email messages?

Thanks very much for any feedback.

That seems to be the general behavior in DTPO. To have active links or select text, you have to right click and open the email with Mail. Although I did come across one email from DevonThink that maintained the links within the database.

I had the same problem as Keith except in my ignorance I went one step further and after I had imported them into DTP I foolishly deleted them from Mail—thus destroying the link and making it impossible to do anything with the information in the emails! :frowning: At least I have not lost them altogether but just can’t do anything with them. There is a work around I think by using Time Machine t o go back to a state befor I imported them into DTP.

IN DTPO beta 2 in the document´s window (e.g. in the three pane view) there was an small icon in the right corner. When you press this icon the imported mail text changed, and it shows the links and you can highlight , etc.

Anyway, in DTPO beta 3 this has changed, it seems. Now, you can work in the text from the beginning. You don´t have to press an icon, which is missing anyway.

Correction: In DTPO beta 3 the icon is still there, sorry for the confusion. With clicking the icon you can change between the textview and the preview. In the textview you can manipulate the mailtext.

@Darwin: Thanks, works a trick. Never even thought to try those icons for this. What other good things lurk beyond my current knowledge in DTPO? I’m off to find out.:smiley:

@Darwin - thanks very much, the links work fine in the text mode. However, I couldn’t access my attachment. What do I need to do in order to have the attachments be accessible to me in DTPO? Also, do you know if I can change a setting so that clicking on a hyperlink in the mail message would open the linked site in a new window?

On a related note, do you have any experience with MailTags? I’m only beginning to become familiar with it, and I like the look of it initially, but I wonder if the fully developed DTPO v2 is going to have all of the same functionality.

Thanks very much for your help with these DTPO/mail questions, Keith

in textview attachements should be accessable. When I here click on pdf attachement it opens in Skim my default pdf-software.

Concerning MailtTags. I use this for long now, but have no experience in connection with DTPO. The Mailtags-Maker says it works fine with DT, Tags ould be add in the comments-field of the information-panel.

I don´t know how MT-Tags will be handled after tag-implementation in DTPO 2.0 final.

I can recommend MailTags, it´s very nice and powerfull app. One of my favourites (besides DTPO).