Importing email messages (query from a new user)

I just started testing DEVONthink pro a couple of days ago and I would like to use it to manage my research projects.

  1. I was wondering how people use the email importing feature. Is there a way to get DTP to import email messages directly into a specified folder (I guess you call it “Group”)? Otherwise, how do you keep your email messages organized according to project?

I would like to link the import script that brings in messages from Mail to keystrokes that I define with a useful little program called Mail Act On. So what I need is a script for each group to which I would like to import email messages

(I should add that I don’t know how to write scripts, but if someone can tell me how exactly I need to change a script, I should be able to do it).

  1. What happens to attachments? Is there a way to have them imported to DTP with the same script?

Thank you.

The current scripts save plain text versions of email to the DT Pro database. Attachments are not saved to the database.

It should be possible to modify the script to allow user choice of destination or a specified destination in the database. Check some of the scripts posted in the Scripting section of this forum.

Thanks, Bill.

After searching through some threads, I found a way to modify the scripts so that they put the emails where I want them.

re: attachments. Is it possible to modify the scripts or use Automator in a way that would import the attachments?

If not, then how do other people get their attachments into DEVONthink?

One could do that manually by saving the attachments to disk and then importing them into the database. Then convert the relevant message to rich text and establish a link(s) to the attachment(s).

It’s possible that DEVONtechnologies will develop a more sophisticated set of routines to archive email. No date promised.

Wooden Brain Concepts has an archiver ready to go for MS Entourage -> DevonThink Pro. Some day I plan to see about supporing Apple Mail as well, but that will probably be some time off. DevonTech may come out with something first.

Anyway, the MS Entourage thing is called ThinkArch and I’m just waiting for the official release of DTP 1.1.2 to go public with it.

For now it’s available at, though certain features related to duplicates and replicants will not work with versions of DTP prior to 1.1.2

You keep referring to version 1.1.2 (your DevonSync app also advertises that it won’t work on versions prior to that). There is no 1.1.2.

Maybe Wooden Brain is an intrepid beta tester :wink:

I suppose you also believe the world around you is not merely shadows on the wall of a cave…

But seriously, yes there is a 1.1.2, but yes, it is still in beta phase. I am hoping it will be released shortly, but only the masters of the true forms know the date.

Someone knowing Plato… you made my day :slight_smile:

I only wish you philosopher-kings would get together to devise a script that would allow me to import attachments from Mail… Maybe at some point when you’re not too blinded by the sun :slight_smile:

I am not about to switch to Entourage. :unamused:

Imagine a new edition of DEVONthink, that will also come with OCR, being able to directly interface with all major email applications. (Hint: I’ve already imported 2,000 emails in less than a few minutes yesterday)


That sounds great. Are we talking weeks or months?

Haha. That’s funny. But can you read Plato in the original Greek? And to the developers—please stop teasing us with all the things you can do and we can’t! It’s mean. :smiley:


Hi, Alexandria:

That dissertation is finished and defended, right?

As to being mean: but it’s so much fun. :slight_smile:

And doesn’t anticipation of good things to come make your life more meaningful?

Ha. Funny. And NO the dissertation isn’t done yet nor defended. But almost! My final chapter is nearing completion, some revisions, then the defense! I’m hoping during October sometime for the defense, since it takes a bit of time to set it up once I’m finished.

Now that’s a different sort of anticipation than waiting for a new version of DT Pro. Can we say dread?? :frowning: The only thing that makes it truly something to be anticipated is that once it’s over I’m done!

And I’d never believe a god such as yourself would ever enjoy being mean. Not you, Bill. :slight_smile: