Importing Email with attachments

I have the Pro Office version of DevonThink and am able to import email into DT. However, I’m noticing that attachments do not come along for the ride. Is that typical

I am importing mails from Outlook.

Thanks for helping!

Do you see the attachment name, but are unable to select it or open it? If so, in the email tab of Devonthink preferences, check to see if the ‘Use alternative view’ box is not selected. If it is not, select it and your mails should display the attachments fully.

Brilliant! This worked! So under what circumstances should the “alternative view” be checked and under which ones should it NOT be checked?

It’ll be crazy if randomly some emails should have the “alternative view” and in other cases shouldn’t have the alternative view checked.

Glad to help.
In my use of email, I see no benefit at all to having the email imported in the manner that DTPO does by default. By selecting Use Alternative View, every email is imported with accessible attachments. I don’t know what the other differences are, but they have no impact on my usage. I wonder if DTPO should in fact import emails in the ‘Text alternative’ format by default?

The import is the import – .eml files always contain the message and attachments. What matters is the view that you choose, which is controlled by DEVONthink > Preferences > Mail > Message

In this dialog “use alternative view” means “text alternative” (That could have been spelled out to avoid confusion.)

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