Importing Emails from Outlook's Subscribed Public Folders

Good Morning.

I want to import into a DTPO database the items of an subscribed public folder.

If I try to import these emails by hitting Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-M these subscribed public folders the import window of DTPO shows a folder with the name subscribed public folders. But this folder is empty. But in Outlook these folder contains currently five subscribed public folders.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-18 um 09.52.02.png

What can I do in order to have access to the subscribed public folders and to import the contents of these folders?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Kind regards, Friedrich

PS: I have a suspicion. It could be related to the fact that Outlook is offline when the email import panel of DTPO is open.

Which version of Microsoft Office do you use? These folders might be unsupported/ unaccessible, one workaround would be to move/copy the emails into a local mailbox.

Outlook 15.39 on macOS 10.12.6 and DTPO 2.9.15.