Importing Emails on DTPO


I import emails from mbox format files to DTPO. I do not use AppleMail and I simply don’t even configure AppleMail on my computers. Still, the importing dialog tries to invoke AppleMail and this results in annoying popup dialog directing me to configure AppleMail, which I don’t want to. I can’t seem to start importing mbox files unless I go through a few rounds of seeing this popups (and click on cancel each time).

Can this be skipped altogether?

Best would be to allow drag-and-drop import of text files with .mbox and/or .eml extensions.


When you open the Mail Import window it will choose the default mail program which is Apple Mail when you have not configured anything on your system (that is the system default by the way).

You can drag a mailbox file onto the application icon and it will open the Mail Import window for that mailbox. Have you tried that? And .eml is not supported because it is a proprietary format, you’ll need Entourage to do that.

I actually use a unix-based email client that runs on emacs and so I don’t have anything else to set the default email software. What should I do?

Thanks - No, I didn’t know that.

By .eml I meant simple plain text form of individual email like those used by MTA’s. I’ve seen this nomenclature used elsewhere… and I didn’t mean Entourage or other proprietary formats…

You can find out what the actual preference setting for the mail client is and set it to a non-supported mail program (think of downloading Eudora, set it as default email program). In that case you should see the Unix mailbox source become the default.