Importing Emails


Obviously I did something wrong. – I have a database for my ancient emails. But there are two kinds of groups. As you can see in the screenshot I have a group »E-Mails« and a group »Archive«.

If I expand the object »E-Mails« reveals an file structure like that:

I want to have archived in DTPO all emails in »E-Mails« in the same kind and format as I have it in »Archive«.

How can I this achieve?

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Friedrich

You can’t do that in a separate group, in your case the “Archive” group.

The Emails group is the produce of using Archive Mailbox.
The Archive group was made by you likely filled by using Import Emails.

If you want to maintain the structure, you need to use Archive Mailbox and let it file into the Emails group.

Can I import the emails from »Emails« into »Archive«? I do not need them in different groups.

Import will import a mailbox or messages into the current group of the current database.

Archive Mailbox will always create a special folder in the root of the current database called Email. All emails archived this way will always go to this group structure, no matter where you are in that database.

Ah. Thank you for this explanation. So, obviously, I’ve used the archive function although I did not had understood their functionality. Annoying.

All the more thanks for your support!

Now, is there afterwards a way to restore the original structure of the mailbox and its content from the archive in order to import the so restored emails subsequently into a ordinary group of the database?

Kind regards, Friedrich