Importing encrypted ODT-Files fails

Hi there,

I understand encryption is quite a topic and there are some ways today we can go. My favorite would be to just import selected files that have been encrypted. That would make syncing with Dropbox easy. So I thought.

However, whenever I import a file I’ve created and encrypted in LibreOffice Writer I get a “failed” message in DEVONthinks protocol box. (I don’t know the right names and terms here as I use a German DEVONthink Pro Office 2.5.2.)

By the way: Error occurs on my new iMac 21,5" (late 2012) running on OS X 10.8.4 as well as on my MacBook Air 13" (Mid 2012) also on 10.8.4.

Any ideas how I could import an encrypted LibreOffice File?

Hopefully yours,

If you have an encrypted file, DEVONthink would have to support file-level decryption to index the contents (and potentially just to import it).
I don’t see this working as you hope to.


thanks for the quick reply! Usually I’d love DT to index everything but why wouldn’t it be possible für DT to just skip this and simply let this file “on board”. (Like it supposedly does with graphics files.)

When importing an encrypted PDF I do get an indexing error, but my secret PDF is there. (Reason for all this is: There are some files I want to have around but need a privacy option for. I could live with them not being indexed and all the cool DT features not working here.)

Looks like I need to find a work-around. Surely, good encryption is the next version’s killer feature!

All the best,