Importing Evernote notes with location data looses location at random?

Have been using Devonthink for years but was holding out moving my (travel) location notes over from Evernote. Finally took the plunge (now that Evernote does not support Applescript anymore). Imported my (app. 5000) notes (in batches, split by State and Countries). To my shock I find that in about 20% of the notes the location data is gone! It is reset to my home location. Double checked that the location data is in Evernote. Also ran a script exporting the latitude and longitude of the Devonthink imported notes and confirmed that many notes lost their geolocation (Lat, Lon set to home location). I do not understand the randomness of this. Has anybody seen this?

Update: I wrote “random”, but after more testing it does not seem to be random. If a (Evernote) note includes a pdf and/or gpx file, the geolocation is lost and set to the home location. If a note is ‘large’ it looses the location (limit seems to be around 0.6MB for a note). If a note has NO location it also seems to be set to the home location.

Could you please export such notes as an ENEX file and send it to cgrunenberg - at - Thank you!

Update2: This phenomenon could not be repeated. Subsequent imports did not have this problem. Will continue to test (have >5,000 notes to import)

Sounds like a typical Heisenbug - Wikipedia :slight_smile:

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