Importing files from Evernote Legacy issue

I have started importing files from Evernote into DTP 3.0. When I do this I notice that each file is brought into the global inbox as two files; the original file pus tags, and a second small file that includes the name of the document I have imported plus a link to its location in Evernote.

Is there a simple way to make DTP replace the name of the imported file with the name in the second file? Right now the only way I can see to do this is to copy and paste from the small file into the PDF file and overwrite its name (based on a date imported) before filing in the appropriate group.

Theres a sample script at Quick way to delete 'empty' imported Evernote notes - #9 by BLUEFROG
It includes a rename function

I posted some background notes on the “two files” at Tutorial needed to convert from evernote to Devonthink - #18 by DTLow

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