importing files into Finder rather than DT Database

I’ve appreciated the ability to index all of my files into DTPro Office. What I’d like to know is how to import a new file (not yet in my Finder folders) into DT and have it go directly to a designated Finder folder rather than into DT Database. Is it possible?

You can move documents that have been imported into the database to an indexed group, then select the document(s), right-click, and select ‘Move to External Folder’. The document(s) will then be exported to the Finder, and still indexed into the database.

You can also use the complementary command ‘Move Into Database’ to move files from one indexed folder to another. If you have the indexed groups FolderA and FolderB, you can ‘Move Into Database’ documents from FolderA, move then in DEVONthink to the indexed group FolderB, then ‘Move to External Folder’ to now have them appear in the folder FolderB in the Finder.

Thanks for the quick reply. Much appreciated.

I was just searching for a way to create a folder in the Finder through DT. I don’t see any way to do that unless I’m missing something. I know that DT was not meant to be a Finder replacement but it would be handy to be able to create a new Finder folder that way.

Create a group in the indexed location in DEVONthink, then right-click it > Move to External Folder as Greg suggested. This only works with an indexed location.
PS: I do this all the time.

In looking at a number of indexed folders- some have the arrow on them (indicating indexed folders) and some don’t. I know that they’re all indexed. In fact, all the files within each folder is indicated as indexed, but for some reason, not all the folders.

If there is no arrow, it is not indexed.

Files, and folders containing files, can be indexed into DEVONthink and then moved to a group in the database that is not indexed. That would explain how you have a group in the database (non-indexed) that contains indexed documents.

Thanks for your replies. Very good support here.