Importing files is not possible

My hard disk did not work properly, I bought a new one. I moved the applications to the new disk. Also my DevonThink Pro 1.5.4. But until now I have not been able to import new files, using the import command, because the submenu only shows grey names, nor can I drag and drop files, because they don’t appear in the list.
Have I forgotten something while migrating the application?

The commands could be disabled because you’re using an unlicensed copy without any trial time left or because no database has been opened or because the database is read-only (e.g. due to insufficient permissions).

Some minutes ago I received an upgrade possibility from DevonThink Pro 1.x. which I bought 24/08/2005. to DTP 2. The mail confirmed I have a valid serial number, so the copy is not unlicensed.
In the past I never had this problems and my databases have never been read-only.
When I upgrade to version 2, can I work on or will I see the same problems I mentioned above?

But is the application registered, see Help > Enter License…? Maybe you didn’t copy the registration file from the old disc, in that case just enter the license again.

I have added a screenshot of my registration, so the problem is another thing.
registration.tiff (80.3 KB)

Are you able to open a new window via File > New Window? If not, then no database has been opened.

If you’re able to open a window but can’t import files, then the database is read-only. Probably due to wrong permissions after moving the database to the new disc.

I am able to open a window without the possibility to import any file, so my two questions are:

  • how can I remove the wrong permissions, which I meet with my two databases!?
  • will upgrading to version 2 change the wrong permissions?
    When I create a new database, the import functions are present, can i move the content from the old database to the new one? Or are there simpler methodes?

Select one of your database files. Open it’s Info panel.

First, check that the “Locked” option isn’t checked.

Now, towards the bottom of the Info panel, examine “Sharing & Permissions”. You should be shown as having read and write access to the database. You probably don’t, so click on the Lock symbol and edit the permissions to give yourself read & write access - you may need to add your username for the account to the list.

No, as the conversion procedure used by DEVONthink 2 doesn’t change the version 1 database file. But if you have read access to the file, conversion would probably work.

There are important differences between the structures of version 1 and version 2 databases, so any manual attempt to move content from a version 1 to version 2 database would not obtain all the files.

However, if it is possible to select all the content and export the contents of the version 1 database to a new folder in the Finder (File > Export > Files & Folders), you could then import the contents of the folder holding the exported material into a new version 2 database.